Since 1950, The Upper Room daily devotional guide has been printed and distributed in Australia. Hear from Sandy Craig, who works with the Australia-English edition, and learn more!

Click the image below to view the video:   Trouble ... more
From the staff of Duchovna Manna, the Bulgarian edition of The Upper Room daily devotional guide

For us, the staff of Duchovna Manna, it is easy to recognize the voice of Mitko Dochev when he calls. Every time, his voice is full of optimism; his greeting is just the same, ... more
From Hye Joon Yim, Seung Young Middle School

I was first introduced to The Upper Room daily devotional guide by the Christian Literature Society of Korea when I started teaching in 1982. I am really thankful to have The Upper Room as a gift, just like the students and teachers ... more
Since 2008, The Upper Room daily devotional guide has been translated into Russian and produced in partnership with The United Methodist Church in Eurasia. Hear from the Rev. Dr. Lena Kim, editor of the Russian edition, and learn more!

Every day, The Upper Room winds its way around the world in unexpected ways.

When Shanth Gole, editor of one of the seven language editions in India, hired a rickshaw driver to take him across the city of Belgaum one evening, the devotional guide found a new distribution channel. ... ... more

A Note from Our Greek Editor

December 10, 2015

from Fotis Romeos, editor of the Greek edition of The Upper Room

It’s been many centuries since Paul visited my country. But the needs are the same: people are roaming around from all over the world trying to find a better life. Currently in Athens, we are facing a tremendous ... more
From Lidiya Petrova (Bulgaria)

One beautiful day in September some years ago, I was walking in the park with my mother. We decided to leave some copies of the Bulgarian edition of The Upper Room, called Duchovna Manna, on the ... more

Sharing Hope in the Philippines

September 15, 2015

Submitted by Earlie L. Pasion-Bautista, Discipleship Resources-Philippines Program Coordinator

  Whenever given an opportunity, I ask church workers and lay persons how Siled ti Kararag, the Ilokano edition of The Upper Room, is helping them in their ministry here in the Philippines. Beginning January 2014, we began including the “In Times ... more

The Upper Room in Belarus

August 20, 2015

from the Rev. Tatyana Men’shova,
District Superintendent of the Western District of the Eurasian UMC

  I would love to share my gratitude and joy for having Mesto Vstrechi, the Russian edition of The Upper Room, in my country, Belarus. I see that this devotional magazine is very good, ... more
Quiero compartir con ustedes cómo el Señor Jesús ha utilizado el ministerio de El Aposento Alto en el Reino Unido.

Soy de un trasfondo Sij y estaba en un momento muy depresivo en el año 2004 cuando quería terminar con mi vida. Una noche, clamé, “Si existe un Dios, ayúdame; ... more