Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It was an ordinary morning. I started my day off with a cup of hot tea and Mesto Vstrechi, the Russian edition of The Upper Room. It seemed to me like I had met the young author of the day’s meditation, who shared his situation and the way God had blessed him through it. Then, when I logged onto Facebook, I was surprised to see that I had more than 30 new friend requests. And on my personal page, I saw more than 20 notes of gratitude and blessing. It was then that I realized that the meditation I had been reading in Mesto Vstrechi was mine!*

That morning was unbelievably special for me. Indescribable feelings of joy and of the greatness of God filled my heart and soul.

People wrote to me from the Philippines, China and Germany. I did not know them, but after sharing a story of my faith in the devotional guide, I realized how many brothers and sisters I have around the world and how great the global church of believers is!

Pavel Serdukov, pastor of Perovo UMC in Moscow, Russia and subscription manager for Mesto Vstrechi


*The Upper Room’s production schedule of submitting a meditation and having it published is about two years.