Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters of The Upper Room,

I am SeungPyo Hong, chief editor of The Upper Room in Korea. I started working for the Department of Periodicals in December 2011, editing both The Christian Thought and The Upper Room.

The Upper Room has deeply impressed and influenced me, exposing me to a wide range of reflections and faith stories from around the world.

For me, editing The Upper Room is not about merely producing a book, it’s about a process of discovering the fact that we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ and are brought together by our common faith in Him.

It is, indeed, a crucial channel through which I can be connected to Christians across the globe.

It has allowed me to experience solidarity in faith with other Christians, and this bond extends beyond racial, national and cultural differences.

I really look forward to reading new stories and insights in the forthcoming issues, as well as sharing my own faith stories.

I pray God’s blessing in your lives in 2013.


SeungPyo Hong

(Seoul, South Korea)


Originally submitted December 13, 2012