Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bannawag is a weekly Ilokano magazine, published by Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation, with a national and international circulation. And for two years, it has been a loyal partner of Siled ti Kararag, the Ilokano language edition of The Upper Room, by promoting the faith stories shared in the devotional guide with its readers.

Since 2011, when Siled ti Kararag was reinstated as an Upper Room language edition, under the Discipleship Resources-Philippines of the United Methodist Church (Philippines Central Conference), Bannawag has published a meditation in each of its weekly issues.

Last December, the magazine reported that many schools in the Philippines’ Ilocos Region would be using Siled ti Kararag in their classes.

Bannawag’s issue for the week of December 24 featured pictures of San Gabriel Vocational High School students reading the Siled ti Kararag column as part of their “evangelism and secularization” lesson, which is part of a new curriculum developed by the Philippines’ Department of Education to use the native language in teaching in schools.

Discipleship Resources-Philippines continues to seek partnerships with organizations that will help promote Siled ti Kararag in Ilokano-speaking regions of the Philippines.

– From the staff of Siled ti Kararag, the Ilokano edition of The Upper Room

photo used by permission