Thursday, September 11, 2014

Last year, I was appointed editor of Mesto Vstrechi, the Russian edition of The Upper Room daily devotional guide. I took up this ministry after the long-term, fruitful and devoted work of the Rev. Nicola Vidamour, whom I have personally known for many years. I’m very thankful to Nicola for her great work, which she did voluntarily since 2008, even after her missionary term in Russia finished and she returned to her hometown of London, England for her new pastoral appointment.

When Nicola introduced me to the work of the magazine and transferred its responsibilities to me, I was amazed to learn just how many people are involved in this ministry! Our team of translators, correctors, distributors and helpers to the editor consists of people who live in different towns and countries – Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Kyrgyzstan and other places around the world. And among them are students, housewives, office workers, pastors, accountants and call-center workers.

But there is one place where they all come together: Mesto Vstrechi, which translates as “meeting place” in English.

Many of them are actively involved in their church and community, but despite their very busy lives and other responsibilities, they voluntarily contribute to the work of our magazine.

All of this reminds me of the one who unites each of us and in whom all of our lives intersect. We are not only united in Christ, but also united in this ministry for our communities and the world.


The Rev. Dr. Lena Kim

Editor of Mesto Vstrechi, the Russian edition of The Upper Room


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