Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sembiang Genap Hari, the bilingual Iban/English edition of The Upper Room, is translated, printed and distributed in Malaysia.

Its publishing was initiated by the General Conference of Methodist Women (the Methodist Women Sarawak Iban Annual Conference) in 1999.

In the past, it was a great challenge to get each issue translated and distributed. Collecting subscriptions and the revenue from sales was also challenging.

In 2010, our constant prayers were answered when a new administration and management team was put in place.

The restructuring of the administration and management system took about six months to take effect, but we have seen increased interest and usage of Sembiang Genap Hari since then.

Our team has worked hard to coordinate with translators, the proofreader and the typist. And most importantly, we have worked diligently to set up an administration system for appointing distributors and for revenue collection.

Immediately after the restructuring, our revenue collection efficiency increased by 85%.

Methodist Women actively promote the edition and also work with the Annual Conference to elevate its standing as a major reading resource in the Iban language. Our network with other churches and communities is another source of promotion for Sembiang Genap Hari.

Last year, we were glad to note that our past missionaries also supported us by subscribing to the edition.

Praise the Lord for our pastors, church members and readers, who make Sembiang Genap Hari, the Iban/English edition of The Upper Room, their daily reading.


Alice Jawan

Coordinator, Iban Upper Room

President, General Conference of Methodist Women

Sarawak, Malaysia


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