Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Bulgarian United Methodist Church started its prison ministry in 1991. Two years later, Duchovna Manna, the Bulgarian edition of The Upper Room, was launched.

Almost immediately, the pastors participating in the prison ministry began distributing the small devotional magazine to inmates.

Duchovna Manna is a tool for ministry in three prisons where the UMC in Bulgaria has had a constant and faithful presence for more than 22 years.

The Rev. Ventsislav Andreev, who is one of the prison chaplains, distributes 100 copies per issue of Duchovna Manna to inmates in Lovech, Bulgaria.

He cannot imagine his work without the magazine. It keeps inmates connected with others around the world despite the restrictions and limitations of their living conditions.

The Rev. Stoyan Stalev, who visits the prisons in Varna and Razdelna, Bulgaria, considers Duchovna Manna a simple and effective guide to daily prayer that works perfectly for his parishioners.

Because of the prison ministry in Bulgaria, over 100 inmates there are part of the worldwide readership of The Upper Room.


–– From the staff of Duchovna Manna, the Bulgarian edition of The Upper Room

(The Rev. Stoyan Stalev)

(The Rev. Ventsislav Andreev)


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