Thursday, October 30, 2014

This article was originally published by José Geraldo Magalhães in Portuguese for Sede Nacional da Igreja Metodista:

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A ceremony was held in the legislative assembly of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, for the 75th anniversary of the Portuguese edition of The Upper Room, no Cenáculo. In attendance were 250 people, among them were leaders of the Methodist Church and other denominations. A choir of 80 performed at the ceremony.

The ceremony celebrated a milestone for the readers of no Cenáculo and the Methodist Church in Brazil. "We need to remember to bring the history of Methodism to Brazil, which celebrates 84 years of independence,” Bishop Adonijah Pereira do Lago said. “Since its beginning, God has placed in the hands of the Church this wonderful little book.”

The editor of no Cenáculo, Bishop Adriel de Souza Maia, received from Congressman Estevam Galvão a plaque honoring the 75 years of publishing the daily devotional guide in Brazil.

During the ceremony, a commemorative Bible from no Cenáculo was given to Congressman Galvão. "We are recording in our house of laws that the law of the Lord is perfect and restores the soul," Bishop Adriel said while delivering the scripture reading.

In a historic and joyous moment, Bishop Adriel did not fail to mention the presence and service of Bishop Emeritus Nelson Luiz Leite Campos, whom was editor of no Cenáculo for 22 years. "The history of Bishop Nelson and no Cenáculo are intertwined; the bishop also turned 75 last month," he said. A plaque honoring his service was given to Nelson. His granddaughters sang in gratitude to God and to the legacy left by their grandfather.

"I did not come here to receive this honor, but I thank God and the Methodist Church for the opportunities given to me. Actually, the song of my granddaughters speaks of the reality of my life," he said.

Many tributes and celebrations have taken place this year for no Cenáculo because of its 75th anniversary. First was the launch of the no Cenáculo Bible in May. Afterward, a commemorative stamp was launched in the National Office and now circulates throughout the whole country. The São Paulo City Council also made ​​a solemn act, awarding a plaque for 75 years of publishing in Brazil to no Cenáculo. A special celebration took place at the Methodist Institute Granbery in the city of Juiz de Fora, Minais Gerais, followed by no Cenáculo seminars in the Ecclesiastical District. In Belo Horizonte/MG, Vitória/ES and Jaboatão Guararapes/PE, seminars also took place to promote no Cenáculo.

No Cenáculo has other publications. Vida Devocional na Tradição Wesleyana was recently launched. The launch took place Aug. 30 at the meeting of ministers of Igreja Metodista Livre in Mirandópolis. Espelho Pastoral, a resource for reflection and prayer for 40 days, is another publication of no Cenáculo. To learn how to purchase or subscribe to the Portuguese-Brazil edition of The Upper Room, visit the website of no Cenáculo.

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