Thursday, December 4, 2014

Earlier this year, we organized a prayer group at my high school in Szeged, Hungary. Every morning, we meet in a small room of the school and pray together.

At these meetings, I always read aloud the meditation of the day from Csendes Percek, the Hungarian edition of The Upper Room.

I like that the stories are written by ordinary people––from all parts of the world. It is good to see that we are the same. 

Even if we live on different continents and speak different languages, our faith in Christ connects us.

The meditations share about God and his love and mercy, and they are helpful when we have a non-Christian friend among us.

In this way, the magazine can be a tool for evangelization for us.

Our task is to tell other students about our prayer group and invite them to a meeting, where we read the meditation and pray together.

Then, the Holy Spirit works in their hearts and they come back again––and even to the church sometimes.

I like the “Prayer Focus” for each day, which makes our prayers colorful.

The fact that all readers of The Upper Room throughout the world share the same prayer focus also binds us together.

I like this magazine, just as the other students in the prayer group do. I would like to use this opportunity to thank those whose efforts make this devotional guide available.


Orsolya Sztupkai

Szeged, Hungary


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