Thursday, December 11, 2014

Somsri Chaiyasate has been using Hong Chan Bon, the Thai edition of The Upper Room, for 45 years.

She and her family use the devotional guide during prayer time.

When her children were young and couldn’t read yet, she would read the scriptures aloud.

More than that, she used the cover of The Upper Room as instructional media to describe love and God’s will and to pass on the faith to her children.

Once they grew up and could read for themselves, she encouraged them to read the scripture together and pray along with The Upper Room.

She added that using The Upper Room daily devotional guide is a good way to develop their faith.

Her children still use The Upper Room during prayer time and read the scriptures, which helps them grow in faith and strengthens their relationship with God.

Because of their prayer practice of using The Upper Room, she said they are well informed for their church services and bible study and are regularly involved in church activities.

She restated that The Upper Room helps everyone to grow spiritually and is the place “where the world meets to pray.”

The Upper Room is good for both families and individuals for reading stories of God’s grace and also for sharing personal stories of God’s love––to encourage others and strengthen faith in God through prayer. This is the value, impression and identity of The Upper Room that I have had for 45 years, Chaiyasate said.


––From Hong Chan Bon, the Thai edition of The Upper Room


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