Friday, February 1, 2013

Congratulations to El Aposento Alto as it celebrates its 75th Anniversary!

From its beginnings in 1938 until today, El Aposento Alto has had the fortune of having editors that were committed and passionate, so that this devotional would be distributed and read by Spanish speakers and beyond. We are grateful to our editors and feel blessed for their work, ministry, and perseverance!


In 1938 the first issue of El Aposento Alto is edited in Mexico city. Its first editors were the Rev. Dr. Juan Pascoe and his wife Elisa Strozzi de Pascoe. Dr. Pascoe was an ordained pastor of the Methodist Church of Mexico and was the first Mexican Bishop elected after the church became autonomous.

After the passing of Dr. Pascoe in 1962, Elisa Strozzi de Pascoe continues the editorial work of the Spanish meditations in Mexico city.

The Rev. Dr. Roberto Escamilla, then Director of the Department of Evangelism in the General Board of Evangelism (today, General Board of Discipleship or GBOD) in Nashville, Tennessee, assumes the work of Editor of the daily devotional guide in Spanish.  During this phase, the editorial work and production of El Aposento Alto is consolidated in this city.

The Rev. Horacio M. Ríos is the first official International Editor of the daily devotional. Under his leadership the distribution of the magazine is expanded to international heights, printing and distribution plans are set in place in the cities of México; Lima, Perú; Santiago, Chile; Madrid, España; and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The special Large Print edition is started. Shipment of the magazine to Cuba is re-initiated after the economic embargo.

The Rev. Carmen M. Gaud assumes the work of International Editor of El Aposento Alto in 1995. El Aposento Alto is printed and distributed in the United States and Puerto Rico, México, Dominican Republic (Caribbean), Colombia, Chile, Perú, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Central America. The Rev. Carmen M. Gaud retires from her ministry of El Aposento Alto in 2012.

David Abarca is named Managing Editor of El Aposento Alto in 2012. David was born in Costa Rica. He has a Master of Arts in Theology at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. We invite you to join us in welcoming David to El Aposento Alto Team!