Somsri Chaiyasate has been using Hong Chan Bon, the Thai edition of The Upper Room, for 45 years.

She and her family use the devotional guide during prayer time. When her children were young and couldn’t read yet, she would read the scriptures aloud. More than that, she used the ... more
Earlier this year, we organized a prayer group at my high school in Szeged, Hungary. Every morning, we meet in a small room of the school and pray together.

At these meetings, I always read aloud the meditation of the day from Csendes Percek, the Hungarian edition of The Upper ... more
More than 35 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS, and the vast majority of those infected live in low- and middle-income countries, according to the World Health Organization.

Since 2007, Upper Room Ministries has published Prayers for Encouragement: Hope for Persons Living with HIV and AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, ... more
I enjoy reading and especially translating the meditations in The Upper Room.

I am always eager to receive new devotions to translate into Russian for Mesto Vstrechi, the Russian edition of The Upper Room daily devotional guide. The Upper Room has not only impacted me but also my husband. He ... more
Last year, a family of beloved coworkers felt called from the Lord to start a new ministry serving orphan children in Tanzania.

It was amazing that in the midst of the severe crisis in our country, Greece, our community dared to send and support these precious people –– exclusively from our ... more
Earlier this year, Dhyana Deepa, the Kannada edition of The Upper Room, hosted a writers’ workshop in South India.

It was a wonderful experience and writers of all ages participated –– from a 7-year-old girl to an 85-year-old man. The group was small but committed. Prior to the start of ... more
This article was originally published by José Geraldo Magalhães in Portuguese for Sede Nacional da Igreja Metodista:

Link to video: A ceremony was held in the legislative assembly of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, for the 75th anniversary of the Portuguese edition of The Upper ... more
The Bulgarian United Methodist Church started its prison ministry in 1991. Two years later, Duchovna Manna, the Bulgarian edition of The Upper Room, was launched.

Almost immediately, the pastors participating in the prison ministry began distributing the small devotional magazine to inmates. Duchovna Manna is a tool for ministry in ... more
The Upper Room daily devotional guide is unique in that its readers are also its writers.

The Gujarat Tract and Book Society, publisher of Upli Medi, the Gujarati edition of The Upper Room, held a writers’ seminar last year in India. The Rev. Manoj Gohil, editor of ... more
Sembiang Genap Hari, the bilingual Iban/English edition of The Upper Room, is translated, printed and distributed in Malaysia.

Its publishing was initiated by the General Conference of Methodist Women (the Methodist Women Sarawak Iban Annual Conference) in 1999. In the past, it was a great challenge to ... more