My name is Laura, and I translate The Upper Room into Hungarian. Translating for Csendes Percek, the Hungarian edition of The Upper Room, is a new challenge for me.

I am studying English, but I have not done such official translation work before –– except for translating some ... more
Every two months, I visit a woman in the Telugu region of India to personally deliver the latest bimonthly issue of Medagadi, the Telugu edition of The Upper Room.

Her name is Mariamma Battula, and she is 98 years old. She was my mother’s classmate. Her memory ... more
Getting feedback from readers is not an everyday occurrence for the publishing team of Siled ti Kararag, the Ilokano edition of The Upper Room. Sometimes we get stories from our distributors telling us how difficult it is to sell and collect subscriptions. So, when we receive good feedback and ... more
Last year, I was appointed editor of Mesto Vstrechi, the Russian edition of The Upper Room daily devotional guide. I took up this ministry after the long-term, fruitful and devoted work of the Rev. Nicola Vidamour, whom I have personally known for many years. I’m very thankful to Nicola ... more
Last December, I received a phone call from the principal of a high school in my area. For financial reasons, the school decided to ask the United Methodist Church in Hungary to take over its management.

I phoned the principal back in January, and then I visited the ... more
Bannawag is a weekly Ilokano magazine, published by Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation, with a national and international circulation. And for two years, it has been a loyal partner of Siled ti Kararag, the Ilokano language edition of The Upper Room, by promoting the faith stories shared in the devotional ... more
Dear Brothers and Sisters of The Upper Room,

I am SeungPyo Hong, chief editor of The Upper Room in Korea. I started working for the Department of Periodicals in December 2011, editing both The Christian Thought and The Upper Room. The Upper Room has deeply impressed and ... more
It was an ordinary morning. I started my day off with a cup of hot tea and Mesto Vstrechi, the Russian edition of The Upper Room. It seemed to me like I had met the young author of the day’s meditation, who shared his situation and the way God ... more
Greetings in the Lord's name,

We, the team of the Nepali edition of The Upper Room, celebrated the edition’s first anniversary on June 29, 2013 at Lubhu Methodist Church in Kathmandu. We are very privileged to share our experiences regarding the Nepali edition and its first year ... more
Brenda Lecklider, an Upper Room reader from Dayton, Ohio, taught in Japan 20 years ago, but she returned to her “hometown” of Kitami last year. While there, she shared copies of the Japanese language edition of The Upper Room.

The purpose of Lecklider’s trip was to hold a ... more