For 78 years, The Upper Room daily devotional guide has encouraged Christians worldwide in their personal prayer lives and spiritual walks, but it wouldn’t exist without the writers who share their stories and experiences in the pages of this “little book.” 

To cultivate writers in America and abroad, ... more
Róbert Gáspár, who had been a faithful translator of Csendes Percek, the Hungarian language edition of The Upper Room, died November 15, 2012 after a long and serious illness. He was 45 years old.

He was married to Judit Lakatos, who also worked with the magazine for several ... more
Koshov is a small village, near Ruse in northeast Bulgaria. The Orthodox church there is only open for funeral services, and the priest just visits from time to time. But even in this tiny community, there is a constant Christian presence.

For example, George and Penka Tsvetkov, who ... more
Congratulations to El Aposento Alto as it celebrates its 75th Anniversary!

From its beginnings in 1938 until today, El Aposento Alto has had the fortune of having editors that were committed and passionate, so that this devotional would be distributed and read by Spanish ... more
In the mountainous kingdom of Nepal, nestled between Northern India’s rural countryside and China’s massive mainland, a small group of Christians have come together to worship and celebrate.  They sit patiently on floor mats eagerly waiting to receive copies of the newest Upper Room edition in the Nepali language.  ... more

In any language, the Upper Room daily devotional is "where the world meets to pray"—the sentiments of European participants at the 2011 Upper Room Family Reunion in Greece.  Languages represented: English (Ireland, England), Dutch, Romanian, Hungarian, ... more
The Upper Room is “where the world meets to pray,” but rarely do the staff and volunteers directly involved in translating, printing, and distributing The Upper Room daily devotional guide around the world actually meet in person. This year, not only did they meet, ... more